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Re: Accessing USB from commandline

From: Jake Thomas
Subject: Re: Accessing USB from commandline
Date: Mon, 23 Jan 2012 03:33:37 -0800

There's a waaaaaaay easier way to do this... if you have a floppy diskette 
reader. Or even if you don't.

Simply put the Plop boot loader on a floppy, boot into the floppy with the USB 
drive inserted, select USB, and it will boot into the USB drive. 

If that fails, you can always take the laptop hard drive out, put it in another 
computer that can boot off USB/cd, and install to the hard drive from there. Or 
use an external CD reader on your laptop to boot into CD on the laptop. Once 
Grub2 is installed to the internal hard drive, you can have Grub chainload USB 
drives for you.

Or, you could even use an external floppy reader for booting the Plop 

And adapters to make your laptop hard drive an external USB drive might aid if 
you install Linux to your laptop hard drive from another computer.

Or you can just install Grub to the laptop hard drive via another computer, 
insert the hard drive back into the laptop, and chainload the USB drive from 
Grub from the internal hard drive.

Or you can try to figure that networking thing out.

Happy booting,

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