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Re: boot ISO, or start C32 module, from Grub2

From: theYinYeti
Subject: Re: boot ISO, or start C32 module, from Grub2
Date: Mon, 09 Jan 2012 09:15:47 +0100
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It is indeed information all available inside a running Linux, but this tool is great for showing the data to someone not familiar with Linux, or when the Linux you have is broken. Besides, HDT ships with MemTest86+, also nice to have.

For the record, I used HDT-0.5.0.iso as explained on the wiki for Grub2, and everything worked.


Le 08/01/2012 22:16, jackie sparks a écrit :

Looks like a great tool, but all that information is also found in /proc right?

 > Date: Sun, 8 Jan 2012 22:03:16 +0100
 > From: address@hidden
 > Le 08/01/2012 21:41, theYinYeti a écrit :
 > >  […]
 > > How can I start HDT? Or is there a Grub2-compatible equivalent?
 > Well… I found the answer here:

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