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Re: Cpanel boycott

From: Chris Murphy
Subject: Re: Cpanel boycott
Date: Sat, 24 Dec 2011 14:09:44 -0700

On Dec 24, 2011, at 1:32 PM, Thomas Joseph wrote:

> Agreed,
> You are 20+ into grub devel.
> It should not double-cross you if another member post a comment that is
> closely related to IT.
> Why you are so intolerant ad post like a fanatic?
> Is grub that you invented ? your f***** ? no ?
> Then why are you so adamant ?
> What is is your problem if some guy wants to share his experience ?
> Isn't that driving OSS ? the the open source move ?
> Your attitude and stand is more towards the closed source offerings.
> Do you have a hidden agenda that you in-filtrate into an open source
> mailing list and carry that inside your wings ?
> Even Torvalds would not repudiate, if a member  wants to share his
> concerns about nvidia in lkml
> With 20 yrs exp, you need to grow up further.
> Thanks,

Cpanel and GRUB are completely unrelated. Web browsers and GRUB are completely 
unrelated. This is not a general purpose IT list. Nvidia and linux are very 
much related at a kernel level and seems quite appropriate on lkml. Your 
analogy is fatally flawed.

Even nvidia is on-topic for help-grub because GRUB2 does have video drivers and 

Clutter on a list causes seekers and givers of help on the subject matter to 
leave. This is a very vertical list, and it would not surprise me if it gets so 
little on-topic activity, because long ago people figured out they don't get 
meaningful help on grub, but instead receive clutter in their inboxes. The 
useful purpose of the list is diluted by such grossly off topic emails. 

RFC 1855 3.1.1 also includes the admonition to not wander off-topic on mailing 
lists. It also says to take disagreements off list. I tried to keep this off 
list. But then you and the other troll bring off-line emails back into the list 
without permission, which is incompatible with netiquette, copyright law and 
RFC 1855 2.1.1. The notices expressly telling people that personal emails 
aren't to be redistributed are for those who don't understand copyright. By 
default copyright is attached immediately to the author's email (the person 
writing it or their employer in some cases).


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