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Can Not Boot Laptop

From: kim
Subject: Can Not Boot Laptop
Date: 8 Dec 2011 00:28:20 -0000


I'm hoping someone can assist with this issue:

- I have a HP 6550b laptop with Win 7
- Just installed Ubuntu 11.10 alongside Win 7
- On reboot I get a list of errors: Out of partition / No suitable mode found / No video mode activated / Invalid Extent
- When GRUB menu loads, I can not load either Win or Linux OS.  I get: No such partition / Unkonwn filesystem
- When dropping to GRUB prompt, I try 'help' and get similar errors
- After asking around in #ubuntu I am attempting to reinstal GRUB
- For about 45 minutes, the Boot Repair has been sitting at: 'Reinstall GRUB sda.  This may require several minutes...'

Any ideas?  Should it really take that long?  Or is it hung?

What else can I try?

Incidentally, when I could see the GRUB menu (that Ubuntu 11.10 install had introduced), it said it was GRUB V1.99-12ubuntu5.  Does that sound right?  I thought it should be GRUB 2?

Phew... Hoping someone can help, otherwise Christmas is looking pretty grim!

Thanks, Kim

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