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Re: Again: 'error: no such disk'

From: Neal Murphy
Subject: Re: Again: 'error: no such disk'
Date: Mon, 5 Dec 2011 02:43:44 -0500
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On Monday 05 December 2011 02:01:13 Jordan Uggla wrote:
> On Sun, Dec 4, 2011 at 9:22 PM, Neal Murphy <address@hidden> 
> > IIRC, it was 'grub-install --debug /dev/hda'. There are no error
> > messages. The
> "IIRC" is not very useful when you're asking for support. I don't want
> to spend my time trying to debug a problem only to find out that you
> remembered something incorrectly. Please run "grub-install /dev/hda"
> (without --debug), save the exact output, try booting again, and
> report success or failure.

Sorry, didn't realize you wanted the simple result sans debug info; 'grub-
install /dev/hda' always reported its usual 'no errors detected; success' 

> Grub2 is very versatile and reliable. Chances are if you're trying to
> "work around" a problem you're doing something wrong.

If no one else had this problem with Grub2 and BIOS/GPT, then I am clearly 
doing something wrong, either building it, configuring it and/or using it. But 
I've done battle with it for three weeks and've gotten nowhere. Whereas in two 
evenings I've retired isolinux, gone back to legacy, applied Fedora's large 
patchset, updated ncurses to get libtinfo, built both, re-worked the media 
production, install and setup scripts, and have an installable, working system 
again with grub-legacy now booting the ISO and flash (MSDOS/FAT) drives and 
the runtime HD (GPT/REISERFS/EXT). Grub2 ought to be that easy to build, 
install and use.


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