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Re: grub> ls doesn't show CDROM device

From: Robert
Subject: Re: grub> ls doesn't show CDROM device
Date: Fri, 11 Nov 2011 18:20:23 +0100
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Jordan Uggla wrote:

Yet "ls" on the grub prompt only shows the (fd0) boot device and an internal
harddisks, if existing.
The CDROM device is not visible.
The iso9660 module is loaded.
Which modules or ... do I need to see the CDROM from Grub2?

and optionally: how to see USB keys, when not supported by Bios. (tried
  insmod's:  usb usbms uhci ohci )

PS: Yet if I boot e.g. from a super grub disk CD, I see the CDROM as (hd31)
- and (fd0) also.  why not when booting from any other device?

By default grub only accesses drives through firmware interfaces, not
by accessing hardware directly. Most BIOSs, for whatever reason, only
present a CD drive to bootloaders when the machine was actually booted
from said CD drive. You can work around this by using native grub
drivers. For your IDE CDROM drive and grub 1.98 you would "insmod ata"
to be able to access your CDROM drive. For anything other than ATA you
really need to use grub 1.99 or newer.

thanks, the "insmod ata" brings the CD at (ata2).

However then immediately the (fd0) disapears and no more grub internal modules can be loaded. So I need to do explicitely "insmod linux echo iso9660" before, and "insmod ata" as last command before "root=ata2 ; linux ...". Just 2x "error: no device connected" are issued, but without stopping the show. the ata module seems somewhat buggy too.

Does Grub2 1.99 include modules for firewire/ohci? if so: how to?


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