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Multiline menues

From: Peter Holm
Subject: Multiline menues
Date: Thu, 3 Nov 2011 10:33:44 +0100

I have 14 Linux dists on extended partitions and one W7 on primary
part, (laptop - one hard drive only)

My grub version is

grub-install -v
grub-install.real (GRUB) 1.99~rc1-13ubuntu3-1mint1
I would like to have some headlines on the top of every choice from
the bootmenu (not the submenu thing)

So it looks something like this when I a boot.

Mageia, derived from mandrake
Issues - problem with compiz desktop-wall (on /dev/sda9)

Zenwalk, derirved from slack
Issues, problem with Intel graphics drivers
Zenwalk (on /dev/sda8)

I don't expect that it is possible to get then all in one menuentry,
but it is possible that would be great.
What I at least want to accomplish is to have 'fake' menuentrys, one
for each line.

thankyou for reading this

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