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RE: Configuring grub2 on a backup disk

From: Jeffrey C. Dege
Subject: RE: Configuring grub2 on a backup disk
Date: Sun, 16 Oct 2011 21:54:24 -0500

On Sun, 2011-10-16 at 22:35 -0400, jackie sparks wrote:
> keep in mind your uuid of the drive will change also here is page that
> specifies getting that information


I restored everything to /dev/sdb, then edited its fstab - changing the
uuid of the boot partition, and the name of the logical volume used to
mount the other partitions.

It seems odd to me that I'm having such a hard time finding this

I mean, what do people do when they lose their boot/root drive?  They
boot some sort of temporary OS, stick in a bare drive, partition and
format, copy in the data from their backups, and then configure it to

In Ubuntu, this means configuring grub - on the new drive to boot from
the new drive.

It should be simple.

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