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RE: Help: GRUB loader stuck in PXEboot

From: Li, David
Subject: RE: Help: GRUB loader stuck in PXEboot
Date: Wed, 28 Sep 2011 11:16:23 -0700

To follow up on the question, I tried to configure grub 0.97 with –enable-diskless. But this requires at least one driver option. My NIC is BCM 5709 which isn’t in the supported list (./configure –h).  Does this mean this grub loader won’t be able to support the NIC to pxeboot?



From: Li, David
Sent: Tuesday, September 27, 2011 8:41 PM
To: 'address@hidden'
Subject: Help: GRUB loader stuck in PXEboot


Hello List:


I am trying to pxeboot a diskless PC that runs UEFI firmware.  RHEL6 is the OS used in the boot. The pxeboot is being run from PXE ROM code in a Broadcom NIC.  I set up a DHCP/TFTP server with BOOTX64.efi and efidefault files. The BOOTX64.efi was extracted from the RHEL6 DVD.


So the setup looks like this:



       DHCP server                                                                                                            PC (diskless, UEFI BIOS)

    +-------------------+                                                                                     +---------------------------+

|   BOOTX64.efi    |---------------------------------------------------|        PXE ROM in              |

|   efidefault          |                                                                                     |      Broadcom NIC          |

|   RHEL6 image    |                                                                                     +---------------------------+



After reset, the PC was able to obtain its IP address and download the BOOTX64.efi file (this can be seen in tcpdump trace). But then it got stuck in the grub> shell prompt. The tcpdump on the DHCP server showed that efidefault was never requested by the PC.   I issued “root” command in the shell and got “hd(0,2)” which I would expect to see something like “(nd)”.


Does this mean the grub loader “BOOTX64.efi” was not configured or built for PXEBoot?



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