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Re: Looping through files

From: Jason But
Subject: Re: Looping through files
Date: Wed, 07 Sep 2011 11:03:24 +1000
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Thanks for the suggestion

I just tried this but it didn't work:
 error: syntax error.
 error: incorrent command.
 error: syntax error

It seems strange that it is not possible to script looping through files on
the boot disk.

As background, what I am trying to achieve is to include menu items
dynamically based on whether certain files exist on the disk. I could do
that with "if [-e ..." as I have done and tested this to work OK. However I
don't want to have to hardcode which files I wish to check for

> Have you tried:
>       while read dir_name
>       do
>               echo $dir_name
>       done < <( ls /boot/* )
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> Subject: Looping through files
> Hello all
> I am trying to make a sort-of complicated grub.cfg file where I want to
> search a series of files on the disk.

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