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grub 1.99: tftp-booting and theme-examples

From: René Kuligowski
Subject: grub 1.99: tftp-booting and theme-examples
Date: Thu, 1 Sep 2011 18:47:59 +0200

Hi there,

I have just recently updated my amd64 machine from GRUB 1.96 to 1.99, and there are a few questions (*yes*, I read all available documentation within and outside of the tarball):

1) is it possible to install GRUB locally, obtain a DHCP configuration and TFTP-boot into a remotely served OS (kernel images via TFTP and filesystem via NFS), like you can do it with petitboot/ PS3 and some other bootloaders? The info manual doesn't tell anything about this except for loading GRUB itself from network. If it is basically the same procedure, please clarify a bit in the documentation.

2) is it possible to install GRUB on a wider range of OpenFirmware systems, like eg. PS3 or the occasional non-intel Netbook?

3) the example $GRUBTARBALL/docs/theme-example.txt does *not* exist. Any chance to get it somewhere, or to get some much more understandable theme documentation than the rudimentary one in I'd like to get up to speed with things *asides from* how to make a slice graphic.

4) BUG (so to say): there are no man pages. There are no images alongside the html documentation, though the pages want to load them. Please fix that. Dummies like me need some more info than pros that know what their own code does ;-)

Thanks in advance for any answer that helps along,

R. Kuligowski

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