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Re: Booting from USB key, Grub 0.97 can't find menu.1st on its own, but

From: Felix Miata
Subject: Re: Booting from USB key, Grub 0.97 can't find menu.1st on its own, but typing 'configfile' works
Date: Thu, 01 Sep 2011 10:28:56 -0400
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On 2011/08/31 16:18 (GMT+0100) Christopher Huang-Leaver composed:

I am trying to setup a  Gentoo Linux USB key,   I have mostly been following
this guide;

but I just can't get grub to read the menu.1st file.    The weird thing is,
when I get to the 'minimal console'  I can type
configfile /boot/grub/menu.1st

The menu screen loads up as you would expect, the MemTest86+ option works,
the other two don't,  but one problem at a time ;-)

This is the grub.conf / menu.1st file ...

Also could someone explain why we need both a menu.1st and grub.conf,  which
is the more 'correct' one to use?

AFAIK, the RedHat/Fedora variants of Legacy Grub use a symlink for the benefit of those RedHat/Fedora adopters who are used to the standard configfile name menu.lst. Grub has a version suitable for use on FAT filesystems that don't allow 4-digit filename extensions, so consequently menu.lst was defined as the default configfile name many moons ago.

The configfile command will read any file you feed it. During boot, only menu.lst (normal variants of Legacy Grub) or grub.conf (RedHat variants of Legacy Grub) will be used. I don't know for sure which variant Gentoo uses, but I think normal/non-RedHat. s/menu.1st/menu.lst/ as the filename and you'll be good to go.
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