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Re: Chainloading other boot loader file directly.

From: 김민준
Subject: Re: Chainloading other boot loader file directly.
Date: Wed, 06 Jul 2011 14:06:39 +0900
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On 2011년 07월 04일 13:34, Bill Marcum wrote:
On Sun, Jul 03, 2011 at 02:41:38PM +0900, 김민준 wrote:
Many people says that chainloading boot loader file like grldr,
bootmgr command is
linux loadbin.bin
initrd [file]

However, I'm the starter of linux. So I can't compile loadbin.bin file.
If I command as manual, I get 2 errors of gcc.

Please help me that compile loadbin.bin or present me method of
chainloading other boot loader file directly, not the chainloader

P.S: Please note I can't translate into English well. Sorry.

You can't compile a file unless you have the source code.
chainloader +1 is the direct way to load a boot loader for most
operating systems other than Linux, if the operating system is installed
in a partition.

Help-grub mailing list
I have some files. I think this is source code of loadbin.bin.

I can compile that file but only executable lnxhdr maked.
I can use only compiled loadbin.bin file to chainloading?
Or all of files(lnxhdr, lnxhdr.bin, lnxhdr.S, loadbin.bin) required?


P.S: Please note that my translation is not perfect...

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