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Help with install of Grub2 (1.98) with Cygwin under Windows 7

From: J.V.
Subject: Help with install of Grub2 (1.98) with Cygwin under Windows 7
Date: Mon, 27 Jun 2011 19:50:49 -0600
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I have two disks in my system (neither of which are Linux).

Disk 1:    Windows 7 on (Sata connection 1)
Disk 2:    VMWare ESXi (Sata connection 2)

The only way I could get grub (1.98) installed on the Windows 7 disk was to install cygwin and use the grub utilities there.

I did a grub-install and then grub-mkconfig -o /boot/grub/grub.cfg

After rebooting, I was taken to the grub> prompt

which was very unexpected.

I should have been given a graphical selection of the two OS's on the two disks that I have.

=> It was not possible to install grub using CentOS 5.6 live CD or CentOS 5.6 Installation CD so had to use cygwin.

If it is possible to get a simple graphical display of the OS's please let me know.

Also with the grub-install there was no defaults file provided anywhere. All the documentation suggests there would be a /etc/default/grub file but there is none.

In fact there is no /default/ directory at all but rather a /defaults/ directory.


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