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Re: USB pl2303 dongle recognized by usb but not serial command

From: Fabian Sturm
Subject: Re: USB pl2303 dongle recognized by usb but not serial command
Date: Thu, 16 Jun 2011 15:10:01 +0200
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I finally debugged it a little further and on the command line I get the serial usb port activated.

First missing part was the vendor and device id.

In grub-core/bus/usb/serial/pl2303.c modify line 186 and add to the list of products:

    {0x0577, 0x2008}

recompile and copy the new usbserial_pl2303.mod file to /boot/grub

Then I can execute the following commands:

insmod uhci
serial usb0 --speed=9600
terminal_input serial_usb0; terminal_output serial_usb0

I now can connect to grub over a serial cable. Receiving of data from grub works perfectly but if I type characters into my terminal program some of them get lost!

The other problem is that if I execute the same commands from the grub.conf file it will not work. The serial port will not be ready in time. I also added a lot of sleeps in between the commands but that did not change anything.
It will always fail and after some time I get these error messages:
"Unknown key 0xff detected"
If I then enter the command line with the "c" key and type serial usb0, everything seems fine.

Any idea what is different between loading from grub.conf or typing the commands on the command line?


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