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About grub.cfg――Building coreboot with g rub2 payload

From: Cui Lei
Subject: About grub.cfg――Building coreboot with g rub2 payload
Date: Tue, 31 May 2011 15:21:27 +0800
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I am working hard at building coreboot with grub2 payload. Now  I can build a grub2 payload as follow:
1: Download the lastest grub2 source code.
2: ./
    ./configure --with-platform=coreboot
3: Use grub-mkimage to generate a "payload.elf", detail:
    ./grub-mkimage -d . -O i386-coreboot -o ../coreboot-v4/payload.elf --prefix='/boot/grub2'
      memdisk cpio -m ../memdisk.tar
    Accoding the coreboot website(, memdisk is a virtual disk
    in grub image and it is suggested that grub.cfg is contained in a memdisk image. So I made
    folders boot/grub2 in my work folder and add a new grub.cfg and some modules(such as
    memdisk.mod cpio.mod ...) into the boot/grub2, then tar boot/grub2 to memdisk.tar(according
    to the website tar can be used to build a memdisk image).

    1: I don't know wether grub2 can found my grub.cfg ,if I set  " --prefix='/boot/grub2' " ?
        On the coreboot website,a sample is  --prefix='(ata0)/boot/grub2'. I think the ata0 is hard disk.
        but I use the memdisk image, what should I do ?

    2: I want my grub.cfg in memdisk to load the grub.cfg from my hard disk. Because I have install the
        ubuntu11.04 on my hard disk, a grub.cfg file should be in the /boot/grub. So my grub.cfg just like
                search -f -s /boot/grub/grub.cfg
                configfile /boot/grub/grub.cfg
        Is this practicable?

    3: I want the gurb can boot into the grub-shell, how to ?



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