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Re: Grub 0.97 + systemrescuecd

From: Felix Miata
Subject: Re: Grub 0.97 + systemrescuecd
Date: Wed, 11 May 2011 20:27:43 -0400
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On 2011/05/11 23:04 (GMT) address@hidden composed:

I am trying to get a systemrescueCD loaded onto a hard disk, so I can boot
from the HDD raher than the CD, and so that I can make some chages which
persist between reboots.

In order to do this I have followed a guide, but basically, formatted the
hdd, copied some kernel files across and installed grub legacy. Also
created a grub.conf in (hd0.0)/boot/grub/grub.conf

Thee problem is the grub does not appear to be finding the grub.conf
because when I boot I get to the grub command prompt, rather than the
option to boot the OS, yet if I manually invoke the grub.conf with the
command configfile (hd0,0)/boot/grub/grub.conf the system loads. So I am
conlcuding the problem lies with the grubloader not finding the grub.conf?

Anyone able to help me resolve this please? I am new at grub and this is
about the limit of my knowledge with it.

The guide I have been following is located @

The standard Grub Legacy menu file is menu.lst, which is what you need
instead of grub.conf unless you're using a RedHat/Fedora fork of Grub Legacy.
RedHat/Fedora don't need its config file to be compatible with 8.3
filesystems, which menu.lst is and grub.conf is not. Not likely the
grub-0.97-r10 on the systemrescuecd is the fork that knows to look for
grub.conf instead of the standard menu.lst.
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