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Can't return from suspended state after upgrading to Grub 2

From: address@hidden
Subject: Can't return from suspended state after upgrading to Grub 2
Date: Sat, 30 Apr 2011 22:54:59 +0200


I've had this issue for quite some time now. After searching for
solutions in forums and filing bugs on Launchpad I will try my luck
here. Perhaps you guys can point me in the right direction.

So what is the problem? Well, I can't return when I have
suspend-to-RAM. First I thought (and still do to some extent) that
this had nothing to do with Grub. Because Grub should not be involved
in the suspend-to-RAM process? (Interestingly, hibernation works just
fine.) Yet, every time I upgrade to Grub 2 (using this guide: my laptop fails to return
from suspended state. But when I downgrade to legacy grub (1.5?) I can
suspend-to-RAM and return just fine.

So what happens when I try to return exactly? When I press a key to
wake up the laptop the fans start, DVD is "starting up" and the
HDD-led holds a steady light. The monitor however doesn't turn on, no
back light at all, then nothing else happens except that the HDD-led
turns off.

I have an older laptop with several partitions (it doesn't matter
which partition use) with Ubuntu install (currently 11.04, but I've
had the problem since at least 10.04). Where do I start digging? The
syslog/dmesg tells me nothing.

I posted a question on and got some answers, but no

Thank you for your help!

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