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RE: thinking the grub 2 way

From: Treutwein Bernhard
Subject: RE: thinking the grub 2 way
Date: Tue, 12 Apr 2011 09:02:34 +0200

Hi Rance,

> Can someone help me get started please? 

hmm, the problem is currently the documentation. I collected 
some pointers within the last half year and I gained some
experience with Grub 2 in the meantime, but still not really
much ... but I'd like to share my links:

The TinyCore way to handle Grub 2 might be of some help to you
and They do (currently)
not rely on the grub.cfg generating scripts ...

I found also the following two very helpful: (apparently it 
vanished recently from the net, but its still available 
in the web archive:
and the two orphaned  attempts in the grub wiki: together with

> Is what I want doable?

I'm not shure, but I think it should be ...



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