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Re: Testing On Macbook on

Subject: Re: Testing On Macbook on
Date: Thu, 31 Mar 2011 15:16:53 +0530

On Thu, Mar 31, 2011 at 05:59, Chris Murphy <address@hidden> wrote:
> re:
> I am wondering who the author of this page is, and if it's possible to get a
> more clear step by step of how a Macbook Pro 4,1 – one of the testing
> configurations on that page – was configured to successfully boot Linux in
> EFI native mode. So far I have been unable to reproduce it based on the
> information provided on that page, and have found no other guides or
> resources indicating it's possible.
> See Ben Skaggs take on this "I think you'll find the binary driver will also
> fail in this case with "NVRM: failed to copy vbios to system memory". Unless
> there's some other magic way of retrieving the VBIOS image on these
> machines, there's not a lot we can do."
> An advantage of GRUB2 here is the ability to use loadbios. But I have not
> been successful at getting this to work as described.

I do not know who started the page and wrote most of it, but i merged with (since the latter had more info,
but the page itself is appplicable to both Apple and non-Apple
systems). Most of the troubleshooting part was written by (nickname metatech). He
is active in sub-forum.

You can try these instructions written by the author
of GPT fdisk (aka gdisk).

If loadbios does not work, you can try fakebios, although i cant help
you there since i have not used that option and i do not own a mac (i
did my testing in a proper UEFI 2.3 x86_64 firmware - non Apple

> Basically this problem blocks Live CD's from natively EFI booting a large
> class of EFI supporting hardware. But even if it's not possible to get this
> to work with Live CD, it would be nice if a clear step by step were
> documented with best practice to get this working after a e.g. text only
> installation (under EFI native booting) were performed.
> Chris Murphy
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