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Running on different motherboard

From: Peter Orton
Subject: Running on different motherboard
Date: Mon, 7 Mar 2011 16:55:43 -0000



I have a hard drive with grub2 and w2k on primary partition.


This hard drive boots into grub2 and then W2k without any problems on my normal PC. However, if I take a copy of the hard drive using (using Clonezilla) and put it into another PC that has a different motherboard, grub2 just sits there with a blinking cursor.


Being a different motherboard, I was expecting W2k to start loading and then perhaps complain about different hardware/drivers etc. However, it doesn't even seem to get that far into the W2k boot process. All that is visible is a black screen with blinking cursor (underscore).


If I put the same hard drive back into the original PC, it works fine again.


I'm stumped and not even sure where the problems lies - grub2, clonezilla or w2k - any help would be great appreciated.




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