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Reg. autoconf issue with grub 1.98

From: Sankar Raman V
Subject: Reg. autoconf issue with grub 1.98
Date: Mon, 28 Feb 2011 15:05:13 +0530


Many Thanks for the GRUB bootloader which is very useful tool in Linux world indeed.

We actually are testing GRUB on a bit older machine say 2.6 kernel with Autoconf 2.59.

The original source code seems to work fine but following is the issue when we checked in the original source code to our SCM Perforce and check it out.

./configure CC="" works fine.

When gmake is run, it reported "Permission Denied" issue probably due to checked out code, "chmod -R" we gave and next issue: its reporting autoconf 2.6 required message.

We do not have root permissions and hence we downloaded autoconf to local dir and changed grub/Makefile mainone to have autoconf/autoheader point to the new one.

However its reporting further issues with aclocal/m4 etc.

The queries now are:
1. For using new autoconf on bit old machine though, what else dependencies need to be there to ensure grub to be built, so that we need to download them as well.
2. What are possible scenarios basic ones of failure in checked in versions.
3. Is there any simple way to bypass autoconf,etc to generate only the grub.
4. What code changes are needed in this case, to run build setup competely from a local dir, we already have gcc from mounted path added as "     ./configure CC=".

Thanks again for the great tool and appreciate any inputs which could be valuable.

Note: There is absolutely no difference in checkedin code from original source, however original one builds fine with existing default configs but checked out code has these issues.

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