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RE: PXE failure, alway enter rescue mode

From: #IS Department
Subject: RE: PXE failure, alway enter rescue mode
Date: Thu, 10 Feb 2011 17:03:25 -0700

The prefix looks fine to me (I used an identical command line for my working 
setup).  My guess is the tftp server directory isn't set up correctly.  I 
suggest you turn on logging (if your tftp server supports it) to find out 
exactly what file is being looked for, and compare that to the actual directory 
structure.  If your tftp server doesn't support logging, then use a packet 
sniffer to see why the specified file is not found.


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Sent: Friday, February 04, 2011 8:43 PM
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Subject: PXE failure, alway enter rescue mode

Hi all, 

I want to use PXE to boot GRUB. And I already have grub1.99rc1 on my computer.

The command I used to produce the pxe image is:
    grub-mkimage --fromat=i386-pc-pxe --prefix='(pxe)/boot/grub' 
--output=pxe.boot pxe pxecmd

But every time, I can only enter rescue mode. The error shows "file not found"

I think this is because the prefix has some problem, and grub cannot resolve 
the path on tftp.

Can anyone tell me how to correctly set the prefix? I would really appreciate 


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