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Re: Edit grub to boot different partition of ubuntu?

From: Felix Miata
Subject: Re: Edit grub to boot different partition of ubuntu?
Date: Thu, 03 Feb 2011 17:57:55 -0500
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On 2011/02/03 13:04 (GMT-0800) J Fields composed:

So, I'm dual boot with Vista(TM) and UBUNTU(tm) and ran out of space on Ubuntu

Dual boot is booting from a choice of exactly two operating systems from the same partition. Multi boot is booting any number of operating systems greater than one from any number of separate partitions.

I booted Ubuntu 10.04LTS live CD and shrank the VISTA.

Next time use the operating system's own shrinking tool. The results from Vista's built in resizer are generally exactly what you need.

It would NOT let me grow the extended partition???

Maybe because it would have killed the existing install on sda5, which would have become sda6 if a new logical had been created in between. Such a process is better left to experts.

So now I have:
sda1 ntfs  /media/TOSHIBA_SYSTEM_VOLUME  1.46GB
sda2 ntfs  /media/SQ004588V03          88GB
sda4 ext3     THIS IS MY NEW PARTITION   15GB
sda3 extended
sda5 ext3  /    THIS IS MY OLD UBUNTU partition  6GB
sda6  linux swap                                                        340MB

Then I used gparted on live CD to copy files from old partitin sda5 to sda4.
But grub still boot to old partitiion.

Copying files has no effect WRT what needed to be done. It's the old one that was and remains configured.

How do I change grub to work?

Assuming the files were indeed correctly and completely copied, Grub either needs to be installed to sda4, or if already installed to the MBR, reconfigured to use sda4 instead of sda5 for its files and config home. You could do that either by booting sda5 or booting the CD, chrooting to sda4 (if it's workable), update Grub's config to point to sda4 (hd0,3) instead of sda5 (hd0,4), then running update-grub to actually install it to sda4.

Is it grub or grub2?

/boot/grub$ ls
default     e2fs_stage1_5  grubenv            jfs_stage1_5  menu.lst~
minix_stage1_5     stage1  xfs_stage1_5  fat_stage1_5   installed-version  menu.lst
menu.lst.110201  reiserfs_stage1_5  stage2

Menu.lst is used by Grub Legacy (1). Grub 2 uses grub.cfg. Thus, your installed Grub is Grub 1.
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