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Re: GRUB & usb-modeswitch.

From: Nicolas de Pesloüan
Subject: Re: GRUB & usb-modeswitch.
Date: Mon, 01 Nov 2010 09:20:10 +0100
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Le 01/11/2010 01:52, Goh Lip a écrit :
On Monday 01,November,2010 05:43 AM, Nicolas de Pesloüan wrote:

First post here, but I checked the archive first, without success.

On Linux, I use an USB device that provide a 3G "modem" and a slot for a
micro SD card.

Because this device use the ZeroCD technology, I need to use
usb-modeswitch to switch the device from its native mode (being seen as
a CD reader) to its operational mode (being seen as a serial device + a
storage device).

I would like to be able to use GRUB2 to boot from this device.

Unfortunately, GRUB2 is unable to use it, as the device is not seen as a
storage device until switched.

It would be really convenient to be able to switch the device from
inside GRUB2. Switching is done by sending a message into an USB bulk
endpoint. Having already most of the USB work done for normal GRUB2
operation, I assume this should not be a major work.

Any comments ?

Have not used or tried usb-modeswitch myself, but would comment #9 of

Unfortunately, not.

To clarify:

The device works perfectly if a boot from a hard disk and use usb_modeswitch. So I don't have any problem with the device, except the fact that I cannot boot from the micro SD integrated into the device.

Being able to boot from this device would provide a tiny but powerful portable environment, with full featured operating system, data storage and remote access using 3G connection.

As the device is seen as a virtual CD reader before switching, I imagine "virtually burning" an El Torito bootable ISO image into it. This ISO image would only include a GRUB2 image, that would switch the device from ZeroCD to storage+modem and boot (chainload ?) from the integrated micro SD.

Hence the need to be able to switch the device from inside GRUB2.

Anyway, thanks for your reply.


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