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Re: grub-install to a partition

From: Barry Jackson
Subject: Re: grub-install to a partition
Date: Fri, 08 Oct 2010 13:58:30 +0100
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On 08/10/10 14:16, Goh Lip wrote:
On Friday 08,October,2010 06:51 PM, Barry Jackson wrote:
But I can't get that entry to display in the menu.
I don't see any syntax errors, maybe you do?
I added the first two of these for testing:-

menuentry 'Mandriva 2010.1 x86-64 root' {
search --no-floppy --label --set 2010_1_64_root
linux /boot/vmlinuz root=LABEL=2010_1_64_root ro
initrd /boot/initrd.img

Gee, Barry, that is really strange. Even if entry doesn't boot, that
entry should appear in the menu. Syntax looks okay from here and make
sure there is no space before "}". (or after) and save with cursor
without space before it (just in case). I remember a script that is
fussy about such things. - I think it is ".bashrc" never had syntax
errors with grub menu.lst or grub.cfg

Or you can try using uuid instead, that is the default.

menuentry 'Mandriva 2010.1 x86-64 uuid' {
search --no-floppy --fs-uuid --set xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
linux /boot/vmlinuz root=UUID=xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx ro
initrd /boot/initrd.img

I boot using this all the time, just not /boot/vmlinuz, but /vmlinuz,
for my OS sets syslink to / (from /boot); and I don't worry about kernel
changes, all will be set to latest.

Barry, seems we don't have much luck recently, but I am not the
superstitious type. :)

Good luck, I mean - go break a leg :) - Goh Lip

Help-grub mailing list

Hi Goh,
Read the reply from Jordan and my reply to that!
It seems the "root=LABEL=2010_1_64_root ro" is redundant!
This works fine :-

menuentry 'Mandriva 2010.1 x86-64 root' {
search --no-floppy --label --set 2010_1_64_root
linux /boot/vmlinuz
initrd /boot/initrd.img

I have found that grub.cfg is *very* fussy about syntax and just blows up without error messages if anything is wrong, probably because it is not intended to be edited by humans! I spent a whole night with similar problems trying to figure why entries were missing - I thought that I was editing a different file maybe in the mount point with the partition not mounted - I was pulling my hair out! Turned out to be a missing ' on one occasion and a missing trailing brace another time! I think grub2 also does some checking of paths in menu entries, and ignores the menu item if a path fails. I would prefer an error message :-(

Cheers - Barry

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