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Re: What does grub-install do?

From: Dennis Cao
Subject: Re: What does grub-install do?
Date: Fri, 1 Oct 2010 23:32:38 +0800

Now, I find another confusing problem. If I choose to boot from USB
Hard Disk(/dev/sdb1), the screen will show the welcome message of Grub
1.97 beta, then it quickly show the grub menu which is configured in
the hard disk (/dev/sda8).

I wonder whether this is caused by the command 'grub-install'? Because
I still do not very understand what '--root-directory' does in the
grub-install command.  According to Goh's explanation, I guess it
installs the boot.img and core.img to specified device and tried to
load 'grub.cfg' from {boot-device}:{root-directory}. Is it right?

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