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GRUB2 Multi-Boot Menu Problems

From: Miguel Moura Paredes
Subject: GRUB2 Multi-Boot Menu Problems
Date: Tue, 28 Sep 2010 12:05:51 +0100


My name is Miguel and I recently decided to start learning about Linux and Ubuntu in order to start a journey towards GNU software. I have a Vaio FZ-11S Laptop with Windows Vista. The laptop has to original hard-drive partitions: the 1st is the Rcovery Partition and the 2nd is the actual operating system partition. On the laptop I installed Ubuntu 10.04 side by side with the other partitons. And now when I start the computer I get the a GRUB Menu something like this (sorry if it not acurate but I could not get a print screen):

Ubuntu ----
Ubuntu (Recovery Mode)
Memtest +86
Windows Vista Loader (on /dev/sda1)
Windows Vista Loader (Recovery Mode) (on /dev/sda2)

But the thing is that the Windows Vista Loader (on /dev/sda1) is actually the recovery partition and the Windows Vista Loader (Recovery Mode) (on /dev/sda2) is the "classical" operating system partition. How can I rename or edit the presented menu entries in the GRUB2 menu so that the presented menu entries correspond to correct partitions/operating systems?

Thank You for your attention, Best Regards.

PS as you can imagine I am do not have much computer experience
Miguel Moura Paredes

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