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Re: restoring GRUB loading after partition/device rename

From: Gary S. Trujillo
Subject: Re: restoring GRUB loading after partition/device rename
Date: Mon, 20 Sep 2010 03:18:08 -0400
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On 09/19/2010 11:20 PM, Jordan Uggla wrote:
Grub-mkconfig generated a menu entry without an initrd line, despite
the fact that Ubuntu uses and requires an initrd. The most likely
reason for this is that when you copied your kernels from your old
/boot partition you forgot to copy the initrd images as well.  To fix
this follow up to step
two, then in the chroot run "apt-get install --reinstall

I want to thank Jordan, with whom I had the pleasure of chatting via the #grub IRC channel at Freenode Sunday evening, immensely for his help in solving this problem! Though I think the loss of the initrd file had something to do with the filling up of the /boot partition during a software installtion from within Synaptic, which is the reason I decided to enlarge that partition, by following the procedure outlined above, I was in fact able to restore my machine to a bootable state.

This whole experience taught me both a lot more about GRUB than I really wanted to know just at this point and that the subject is a lot more complex (or at least it seems so) than I had ever imagined. Though surely comprehensive, I think the way the GRUB manual is organized makes it hard to use as a learning resource - it reads more like a reference manual than a tutorial - which may be alright, if there are some good up-to-date HOWTOs out there someplace.

I just know that without Jordan's help, I likely never would have been able to find an fix this problem, since I hadn't known anything about initrds and UUIDs, and only enough about utilitiesss like fdisk, for that matter, to be able to get by before going through what I did.

Thanks again ever so much to Jordan, both for his suggestions and for the time he gave so generously last night. I am deeply in his debt!


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