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grub2 EFI 64-bit capable of loading 32-bit kernel ?

From: meta tech
Subject: grub2 EFI 64-bit capable of loading 32-bit kernel ?
Date: Fri, 27 Aug 2010 22:36:29 +0200


I have a MacBook with a EFI 64-bit.
I would like to boot Ubuntu 10.04 32-bit from grub EFI 64-bit.
Is that possible ?

The boot freezes after the following output

ROM image is present
   [Linux-bzImage, setup=0x3400, size=0x3d56c0]
Video mode: address@hidden
Display Controller: 2:0.0
Device id: 64710de
MMIO(0): 0xe4000000
VMEM(1): 0xc0000000
MMIO(3): 0xe2000000
Frame buffer base : 0xc0030000
Video line length: 8192
   [Initrd, addr=0x3f7fff000, size=0x7f0349]

That might be a problem of the kernel, or a video problem (my investigation are related here :

I added some "printf" in the "grub_linux_boot" function of the "efi/linux.c" file but they are never reached.

Also, I tried to configure grub EFI 64-bit to chainload grub EFI 32-bit, but I get the following error : 

error: cannot load image.

Press any key to continue

I tried to chainload grub EFI 64-bit to grub EFI 64-bit (itself), and that works fine.

Are there any restrictions in loading 32-bit from 64-bit versions ?
I looked in the FAQ and in the source code of "efi/linux.c" but I do not see an answer.

Thanks in advance,


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