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getting grub installed on an intel imsm raid-0

From: K. Posern
Subject: getting grub installed on an intel imsm raid-0
Date: Thu, 19 Aug 2010 01:22:02 -0400
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Hi all,

/// The problem ///

There are binary packages out there that do the trick based on device-mapper (dmraid) (e.g. Ubuntu). But I would like to do it

        a) manually
        b) based on mdadm-imsm

//// The situation ///

I am still trying to figure out how to install grub / grub2 on my intel imsm raid. And it's a striping RAID-0. Because the documentation out there is overall for RAID-1 (or 5) and the few bits I found for RAID-0, just do not work for me.

/// The questions ///

Maybe someone could shed some light on these open questions:

a) Do I need to install it to the Volume (/dev/md126) or to the Container (/dev/md127)? - My guess: The volume because it represents the RAID, hence should be what gets assembled for the int13 BIOS handler by the Option-ROM of the intel-sw-raid-controller.

        b) What device do I need to put in the /grub/boot/ file as 
        (/dev/md126, /dev/md127 or ...)?
        My guess: The same like a).

        c) Do you suggest grub1 (grub legacy) or grub2?

*** For grub2: The default way to install it: grub-install does not (seem to) work as grub2 then tries to find the /boot device itself and grub built from bzr does not (yet) support mdadm arrays with metadata v1.2 that are partitioned :( As I am quiet new to grub2 it would be very helpful to get an idea of what of the (many) tools to use and if possible with what parameters. Plus I wonder if with grub2 there will be problems because grub2 will try to assemble the RAID itself.

*** For grub: I did some installations but all my trials did always end in an Error 22 on "setup (hd0)" in the grub shell. <<< If grub would be your recommendation I can post the details!

Thanks a lot for any hint in advance!

K. Posern

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