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Using grub2 to boot from intel fakeraid (imsm)

From: tormen
Subject: Using grub2 to boot from intel fakeraid (imsm)
Date: Mon, 16 Aug 2010 19:52:35 -0400
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I have two questions - details follow:

Is he right that grub2 supports the assembly of an intel imsm fakeraid/software-raid?
(see the *** MDADM-DETAILS *** below)

What raid levels are supported?
Especially: Can / Will a RAID-0 work with grub2?

My Notebook came with 4 SSD drives (Sony VAIO)
and an intel fakeraid - imsm (intel matrix storage manager)
that is configured as RAID-0 on all 4 drives (which is neat for the speed).

For now I am trying to keep the dualboot with win7
Linux supports this software-raid format either via mdadm >=v3 or via device-mapper >=v1.

There is the mdraid grub module and - according to Kyron - it seems to be possible to assemble an imsm RAID-1 with grub2, even though you would need grub > v1.98:

What irritates me though is the fact that grep -irl imsm within the grub2 source code shows nothing.

mdadm creates /dev/md127 and /dev/md/imsm_0 as symlink to it.
mdadm --misc --detail /dev/md127 yields:
    Version : imsm
    Raid Level : container
    Total Deviced: 5
    Working Devices : 5
    UUID : some-hash...
    And lists the 4 drives: /dev/sda-d

mdadm then creates /dev/md126 and /dev/md/Volume0_0 as symlink to it
mdadm --misc --detail /dev/md126 yields:
    Container : /dev/md/imsm_0, member 0
    Raid Leel : raid0
    Array Size : 500GB
    Raid Devices : 4
    Total Devices : 4

    State : Clean
    Active Devices : 4
    Working Devices : 4
    Failed Devices : 0
    Spare Devices : 0

    Chunk Size : 128K

Thanks a lot for any hint in advance!


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