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RE: Can I boot XFS+LVM+RAID1?

From: Leslie Rhorer
Subject: RE: Can I boot XFS+LVM+RAID1?
Date: Fri, 30 Jul 2010 17:41:25 -0500

        I don't know if it is possible, but I don't really recommend it,
even if is possible.  First of all, /boot can be so tiny and so limited in
extent that LVM is really not that useful.  Secondly, it adds complexity
without really doing much for you operationally.  I would create a fixed
partition, either as a partition on your RAID1, or else a separate RAID1
composed of partitions separate from the other RAID1.  I think GRUB2 can
understand a partition of a RAID array.  I know it can understand a RAID1 of
some number of partitions.

        Caveat:  GRUB2 does not recognize anything but 0.9 superblocks under
md.  'Another reason not to mount everything on a single array.

        What I have on my servers is a pair of fairly small (500G) drives
partitioned into 3 areas.  Md1 is a 380M ext2 mounted on /boot with a 0.9
superblock.  Md2 is a 280G ext3 mounted on /.  Md3 is swap.  The data is all
contained on multi-terabyte RAID6 arrays in md0.  All the arrays but md1 are
built on 1.2 superblocks.

        My kernels, initrds, and GRUB files all take up less than 1/8 of the
40M /boot array.  It's unlikely they will ever grow to be even half full.
OTOH, if one of my other arrays grew full, and I needed more space, 320M
isn't really going to make a difference.

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> Subject: Can I boot XFS+LVM+RAID1?
> Hi list, I would like to know if it's possible to boot with grub2 a
> system with a root partition on a XFS partition over a LVM logical
> volume over a RAID1 partition. If it's possible, how could I do it?.
> If not, what did you recommend?. I thought about making a small
> (128Mb) ext3 partition over a RAID1 for redundancy for the /boot
> directory.
> I hope you can understand what I'm trying to do.
> Thanks.
> Ernesto
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