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RAID array support

From: Leslie Rhorer
Subject: RAID array support
Date: Sun, 6 Jun 2010 17:16:14 -0500

        I'm having an issue with upgrading from GRUB legacy to GRUB 2.  I
think I've come up with a procedure that will allow the upgrade to proceed,
but there is a more fundamental issue at hand.  I'm running GRUB legacy on a
system where /boot is a RAID1 array using mdadm to create and assemble the
array with a 1.0 superblock, which allows GRUB legacy to read the partition
and boot just as if it were an ordinary partition (e.g. I specify hd0,0 or
hd1,0 in menu.lst).  I've been reading through the bug reports and issues on
the web, and I ran across a few which suggested GRUB 2 has problems with md
arrays (over and above the one I am having) and in particular will not
recognize 1.0 superblocks.  Is this still the case?  If so, and once GRUB 2
is installed on the system, can I have it load the kernel and initrd from
the unassembled partition just as I am doing now with GRUB legacy?

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