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Re: legacy grub missed partition

From: Jan Stefan
Subject: Re: legacy grub missed partition
Date: Wed, 10 Mar 2010 11:22:51 -0600


>On 2010/03/09 10:42 (GMT-0600) Jan Stefan composed:


>> The Inode size was the problem. The first small partition defaulted to

>> a

>> 128 byte Inode and worked with grub. The larger partition defaulted to

>> 256 bytes and grub did not see it.


>> I chose to change the Inode size with the mkfs.ext3 command rather

>> than update grub.


On 2010/03/09 Felix Miata wrote:  

> Change how? Do you mean recreate the filesystem, or some way to convert to

> 128 byte inode size on existing filesystem without losing files or data?


My main goal was to write a procedure to duplicate my working Linux software

on a second PC. I already had a tared version of my partition data from the

first PC so destroying the partition data was not a problem.  


I recreated the filesystem with the command “mkfs.ext3 –I 128 /dev/sda2”.

I then untared my filesystem archive into the partition.


The legacy Grub “find” command could then find files in (hd0,1), as expected,

and menu.lst in the first partition could boot a Linux kernel in partition two.


Again thanks for the help,




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