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Re: grub and uncommon LVM

From: Flash
Subject: Re: grub and uncommon LVM
Date: Fri, 4 Dec 2009 19:46:12 +0100

Hi Марк Коренберг,

  I'm not really sure but what I understand of how grub work, only two thing is 
important :
1- Grub is located on the mbr of the bootable device (other method are possible 
but it's another story)
2- Grub need the /boot
So until you change device bootable or where /boot is physically set, you don't 
need to change anything otherwise you need to update grub and config file to 
match the new set.

Of course, if raid or kernel or other OS are change or Add, you will need to 
update grub accordling.

Grub2 support LVM (and of course Logical volume accross multiple physical 
device). It's support also LVM over Raid.

à bientôt, 
======= le 30/11/2009, 20:26:53 vous écriviez: =======

>1. Does the grub2 support LVM logical volumes, when it's physical
>extents are placed on different physical volumes ?
>2. If i migrate LVM from one device to another, does the first stage
>find all modules, etc... How information is stored in stage 1 loader ?
>just sector ranges ?
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