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Re: grub2 halts on kernel command

From: Andi Meier
Subject: Re: grub2 halts on kernel command
Date: Sat, 21 Nov 2009 00:29:39 +0100
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Tom H wrote:
> Since your shell is "grub>", your kernel command is "kernel", and your
> partitions are numbered starting from 0, you are running grub1 not
> grub2.

Uh oh. Have to check that. Maybe the "Super Grub Disk" runs grub1, but at 
installation time Ubuntu setup asked me whether I would like to
use grub2 - and I agreed. Phew, but in the meantime I may have overwritten the 
setup-time MBR by re-installing it via the Super Grub Disk -
which may have replaced it by a grub1 version.

> Is your / an ext4 filesystem? AFAIK, grub1 will not recognize ext4.

Yes, it's ext4. So this could be the problem ... I'm using grub1 (at least in 
"diagnosis" mode with the Super Grub Disk) and try to boot an
ext4 filesystem ...

Now this seems to be an explanation why I do not get to a result while 
diagnosing the boot process with the Super Grub Disk. However, I'm
afraid the real problem persists - that is, without any additional tool (like 
the Super Grub Disk), the system would not boot but just
freezes before I get any grub messages.

I will try if I find out something now that you gave me an important hint 
(grub1 vs. grub2). Next action: try to reinstall grub2 in my MBR.

> PS: What is "dfisklu"?

Oops, *hem* ... sorry, should read: "fdisklu" ;) (grub command)


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