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Added HD, now Grub only loads when Live CD is in tray

From: Paul van Gerven
Subject: Added HD, now Grub only loads when Live CD is in tray
Date: Wed, 28 Oct 2009 21:43:56 +0100

I recently added a Samsung F3 harddisk to my system, but when it is connected to a SATA-port, the Grub menu fails to load. The error # is usually 15, but varies depending on which SATA port is used. I tried all free ports on my Abit AB9 Pro motherboard, which has Intel ICH8R (6 ports, 2 free), JMicron (2 ports, 2 free) and Silicon Image (1 port, 1 free) controllers.

An Ubuntu Live CD boots just fine, and fdisk shows the new HD. I can partition it, format it, mount it and copy data to it.

The odd thing is, when I select 'Boot from first harddisk' from the initial menu presented by the Live CD, the Grub menu shows up and I can boot without problems. Just to be sure, I reinstalled Grub in the MBR (find /boot/grub/stage1; root hd(3,0); setup hd(3)), without errors.

Since Grub is obviously installed properly, but apparently gets confused by the HD information it is being presented, I think it may be a BIOS issue. The BIOS is up to date, however.

Any suggestions as to how to troubleshoot this error? It is difficult to google for a solution, since most Grub problems involve a Live CD, and most Grub errors occur until after the menu is loaded and an item is selected.


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