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grub 0.97 geometry -w mkbimage

From: Wade Benson
Subject: grub 0.97 geometry -w mkbimage
Date: Fri, 9 Oct 2009 11:01:02 -0700

I read the following post:
I've checked out the latest mkbimage from svn: grub/util/
grub shell doesn't have the geometry -w ...
Is there a patch that works for 0.97?

Or a better way to embed grub into an image made with dd and have it recognize the drive properly from an el torito hard disk emulation?

>From the Patch above.
+  "With the `-w' option, values of HEAD, SECTOR, TOTAL_SECTOR are"
+  " written to the BPB of the first sector of DRIVE."

I'm trying to use this image with el torito
mkisofs -r -hard-disk-boot -b ${HDD_FILE} -c boot.catalog -o ${ISO_FILE} ${ISO_DIR}


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