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GRUB fails when kernel is LZMA/BZIP2-compressed

From: Ersin Akinci
Subject: GRUB fails when kernel is LZMA/BZIP2-compressed
Date: Thu, 24 Sep 2009 17:40:23 -0400

Hi all,

Is anyone aware of GRUB failing to boot a system when the Linux kernel
is compressed using LZMA or BZIP2?  If so, is this a bug in GRUB or
the kernel?  I'm using kernel 2.6.31 and GRUB 0.97 and I'm trying to
make a boot floppy, but unless I select GZIP compression in the kernel
config, GRUB hangs for a little after loading the kernel and initramfs
image and then reboots the computer.  No kernel printk's come up.




Ersin Y. Akinci --

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