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Boot from ISO image: what "root" device?

From: Pinna Marco
Subject: Boot from ISO image: what "root" device?
Date: Mon, 15 Jun 2009 10:27:06 +0200

I'm tryin' to boot an ubuntu live ISO image from my hd but the boot process stops when it try to mount the root device...

this is the code i use in grub.cfg (using grub2)

menuentry "Ubuntu, Live ISO Image" {
    linux    (hd0,4)/Uby/vmlinuz isofrom=(hd0,4)/Uby/Uby904.iso vga=791
    initrd   (hd0,4)/Uby/initrd.gz

it looks like i have to pass the "root" option in the "linux" line but i don't know what it should point to
(the iso image itself?)

(hd0,4) is an ext3 filesystem (usually mounted as /home)

after booting starts it stops with the message
Waiting for root file system....
it says that root filesystem does not exist and then it opens a shell.

i extracted the "vmlinz" and "initrd.gz" files from the iso i'm tryin to boot on

I think i'm doing somenthing wrong, but i cant find any useful documentation to solve the problem by myself
why the manual documentation is so poor?

regards, Marco

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