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Grub2 boot to loopdevice file

From: Mark Glassberg
Subject: Grub2 boot to loopdevice file
Date: Wed, 10 Jun 2009 08:49:08 -0400
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I'm working with the RIP rescue cdrom image at:

When used on a cdrom, the system boots a kernel, "kernel32", and loads a
compressed filesystem, "rootfs.cgz", into memory.  The system cannot be easily
modified because it resides in ram and changes are lost when it is unmounted.

I have copied "kernel32" and "rootfs.cgz" to my XP Pro ntfs partition and made
a Grub2 bootfloppy with the following commands:
        root (hd0,3)
        linux /kernel32
        initrd /rootfs.cgz
If works, but I still have the modification problem.

I have made an 80M file, "rootfs.img", and transferred the system to it.  I want
to modify my Grub2 bootfloppy in order to boot to the loopdevice instead the
initrd.  This change will preserve any changes I make to the system.

Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance,

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