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gfxterm Grub2 on 64bit?

From: Oliver Rath
Subject: gfxterm Grub2 on 64bit?
Date: Mon, 03 Nov 2008 20:22:32 +0100
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Im trying grub2 on gentoo linux (core2 system) for using higher
resolution gfxterm. I have an ati m56gl with vesa 3.0, a 1600x1200x32
mode ist available (hwinfo --framebuffer), running fine linux-kernel
with vga=0x376 parameter.

Ive taken grub2 from svn tree today and compiled it with gcc-4.3.2 witch
64-bit target and configured grub2 similar like in the grub2-wiki.

But every try using gfxterm gives failure messages ("mode not available"
etc.). Setting terminal to "vga" on grub command-line runs fine, but i
dont know what to do with it to get a higher resolution.

Here my configuration (/boot/grub/grub.cfg):

set default=0
set timeout=5
set pager=1
insmod video
insmod vbe
insmod font
font /boot/grub/unifont.pff
insmod gfxterm
set gfxmode="1600x1200;1280x1024;640x480"
terminal gfxterm

menuentry "GNU/Linux, linux 2.6.27-gentoo-r2-x64-core2" {
    set root=(hd0,1)
    search --fs-uuid --set 70751c96-83c0-4c5f-8497-dffdabc3b707
    linux    /vmlinuz-2.6.27-gentoo-x64-core2 root=/dev/sda6 ro vga=0x376 

Is it principially possible to run gfxterm on 64bit? Is something wrong
with this configuration?



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