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pxeGRUB DHCP question?

From: Kyle McDonald
Subject: pxeGRUB DHCP question?
Date: Mon, 22 Sep 2008 11:47:34 -0400
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Hi all,

I'm new to the list, and I've searched the web some, but most hits
didn't answer my questions.

My main question is should pxegrub always send out it's own DHCP query
to the DHCP server? or are there some modes of operation where it just
reuses the info the PXE boot ROM got from it's DHCP query? If so what is
it that triggers this change in behavior?

My situation:

I've been using the stock (Sun tweaked I believe) pxegrub from
OpenSolaris (GRUB 0.95) for a while now. I have the DHCP server setup to
supply option 150 to specify different grub menu config files for
different clients, how ever grub doesn't receive that info and drops me
to the grub command line.

If I recall correctly, I seem to remember that there were 2 DHCP query
sessions in the past, one for the PXE boot ROM, and a second for GRUB.
Starting last week, I've only been seeing one query (from PXE) in the
DHCP server debug output, and snoops of the network traffic. This change
coincides with losing the menu and seeing the command line.

I've tried typing 'dhcp' at the GRUB command line, and I don't see a new
DHCP query on the DHCP server, so I'm pretty sure that's not doing
anything. Is there more I can do to debug this from the GRUB command
line? Can I force GRUB to do another query to the DHCP server and see if
that reply would contain the proper option 150 - knowing that would help
me figure out where to look next.


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