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Using GRUB to boot a flash drive

From: thomas.campbell
Subject: Using GRUB to boot a flash drive
Date: Wed, 30 Jul 2008 17:00:15 -0500

I have downloaded a copy of Pendrivelinux 2008 (PDL 2008) onto a flash drive and verified that I am able to boot/run this copy from a pc with USB boot capability in the BIOS. Now I’m trying to find a solution to allow me to boot this copy of Linux on machines that DO NOT have a USB boot capability in the BIOS. The post here: is my inspiration for this request. Note that the configuration in the post is for a slightly different version of Linux (not PDL 2008) and the boot parameters for PDL 2008 are different enough to make the post at that URL useless for booting PDL 2008. Unfortunately, I’m not familiar enough with PDL 2008 to figure out how to modify the GRUB scripts to boot from the flash drive. Is there anyone who might be able to help me with this?


On a slightly more advanced note, I have one pc in particular that can not USB boot and it is on that PC (among others) that I would like to run PDL 2008. This particular PC has Ubuntu 8.04 installed as the primary OS and that version of Ubuntu boots using GRUB so… if I can figure out the right scripts, I could potentially let GRUB load from the HD and then use that to launch PDL 2008 from my USB drive, doing away completely with the whole floppy drive stuff. Very sweet! Any thoughts here would be greatly appreciated!


- Tom


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