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RE: CD boot not finding menu.lst

From: Don Bossung
Subject: RE: CD boot not finding menu.lst
Date: Thu, 24 Jul 2008 18:34:46 -0500
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>Hi Don, two questions: 1. on the command line: can you find your menu.lst with configfile (<TAB> >what is offered here? cd, hd, fd? are you able to TAB to your config file and can you load it? 2. in >which emulation mode did you create the cd? no emulation floppy emulation hd emulation

Thanks Bernhard

1. Yes I can find menu.lst and can use configfile= to point to it and boot.
2. I used no emulation as per grub manual section 3.4

I have since found that if I rename menu.lst to grub.conf then the cd boots fine. As you pointed out in our emails, this seems to be a RedHat and Fedora related oddity.


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