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CD boot not finding menu.lst

From: Don Bossung
Subject: CD boot not finding menu.lst
Date: Tue, 08 Jul 2008 07:23:49 -0500
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I have a server that is unable to boot from an external sata raid enclosure I have. So I decided to create a custom initrd and use grub to boot from cd.

I followed the instructions in the grub manual chapter 3.4 and have been successful in creating a boot cd. The problem is, after the cd boots I get the grub command line. From here I can use kernel=, initrd= and boot to boot the kernel just fine. So, what am I missing to get grub to automatically use the lines in menu.lst to boot the os kernel.

More detail

This is the directory/file tree under the iso directory used to build the iso file (where . = /tmp/iso)

|-- boot
|   |--
|   |-- config-
|   |-- grub
|   |   |-- menu.lst
|   |   |-- splash.xpm.gz
|   |   `-- stage2_eltorito
|   |-- initrd-
|   |-- initrd-
|   |-- lost+found
|   `-- vmlinuz-
`-- boot.catalog

Here is menu.lst in ./boot/grub from above

title MythDora (
kernel /boot/vmlinuz- ro root=/dev/MythVol/Root rhgb quiet
       initrd /boot/initrd-

This setup boots to the grub> prompt on the cd. I can then enter


and the os kernel boots fine.

Any ideas?

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