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Re: grub legacy questions

From: Michael Reichenbach
Subject: Re: grub legacy questions
Date: Tue, 06 May 2008 18:15:17 +0200
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adrian15 wrote:
Michael Reichenbach escribió:

Where can I get the commands setgrubdevice and usbshift?
These are Super Grub Disk commands only (Super Grub Disk is a grub legacy fork) you can find more information about Super Grub Disk at:

That`s new for me. I thought supergrub is only using grub, like a distro is using linux. Didn`t know them implemented new things. I will look there and ask them.

Is it possible to get a simple echo command other then cat?
Yes, it can be implemented. The problem is that the commands when run are echoed so before running the echo commands we should run some sort of

It`s possible to be implemented... Sure... If you are a programmer. But it`s not implemented yet so.

Do you remember BATch files :) ?
Sure. :)

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