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Re: Customize grub

From: Cesare Leonardi
Subject: Re: Customize grub
Date: Tue, 12 Feb 2008 01:04:04 +0100
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Franklin PIAT wrote:
Even though I'm not a grub developer, i'll try to answer some of your

Thanks a lot, Franklin, you've been very kind and your explanations very clear! I've read your pages on and that was the kind of information i was searching for! In particular grub.cfg.manpage and update-grub.manpage was very useful. I hope that this wiki pages will be merged soon with the official documentation.

I make some comment, hoping you appreciate.
- now the "update-grub" page is more about the "/etc/default/grub" variables rather than the update-grub script. That's a bit confusing. - some variables can be added to the TODO section in update-grub.manpage: GRUB_PRELOAD_MODULES (as you cited in your reply), GRUB_DRIVE_BOOT and GRUB_DEVICE (as Michael Biebl as reported in - GRUB_CMDLINE_LINUX will be probably a very used variable, but has no description. I suggest: parameters appended to the linux command line (equivalent to the grub v1 "kopt" variable). Example:

I'm working on some documentation (currently non-offical), which are
available on :
I still "simply" have to merge those information in the grub-v1
manual to build an official grub-v2 manual.... work in progress ;)

Your work is very valuable, because it is clear and because documentation is something that Grub is lacking a lot now.
Many many thanks for spending your time on that!



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