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Re: Problem in G++: invalid C++ class members offsets

From: Miles Bader
Subject: Re: Problem in G++: invalid C++ class members offsets
Date: Mon, 16 Apr 2012 14:57:34 +0900

Ilowry <> writes:
> In GDB 'p /x sizeof (SignalThread)' prints 0x188.
> If you are inside of AutoDetectProxy constructor then 'p /x (int)&this-
>>agent_ - (int)this' will also print 0x188.
> And 'p /x sizeof(*this)' prints 0x1d4.
> But if you outside of AutoDetectProxy code, exactly in
> then 'p /x (int)&auto_detect_proxy_->agent_ - (int)auto_detect_proxy_'
> will give you 0x180!
> And p /x sizeof(*auto_detect_proxy_) will print 0x1cc.

I've run into similar problems in the past, and it's always turned to
be a build issue, either where one file was recompiled after changing
the size / location of something, but another file wasn't, or where
two files were compiled with differing options that affect layout.

> I'm puzzled and have no idea how to fix this. :(
> Any ideas, please? This is in llvm gcc 4.2 on Mac OS X.

A gcc/g++ list might not be the best place to ask -- the code
generation here is being done by llvm, not gcc, and the version of gcc
being used for the compiler frontend is pretty old.....


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